Nanaimo Family Life Association is a non-profit organization with a proud history of providing services that have touched individuals and families throughout all stages of life and across all backgrounds. Since 1967 we have been supporting resiliency in all aspects of individual and community life.

Building Community.

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Individuals / Couples / Groups

We offer counseling to individuals, couples and groups, for specific information please go here.


Seniors / Elders

We offer a variety of  programs designed to help older adults stay mentally healthy and independent.  For more information go here.



We offer programs and workshops and participate in events designed to increase personal growth and insight with youth.  For more information please go here.



Nothing creates community like volunteering. Find opportunities to support others in need and receive exceptional training. Please go here.

NFLA on the News

We’ve made headlines! Read about our agency in the news and find out what we’re doing in your community! Please go here.

Healthy individual and family relationships are the heart of a strong and resilient community.
For over 50 years, NFLA has been investing in our community through offering programs designed to address the unique needs of individuals, offered in an atmosphere of respect, inclusion and compassion.  Those that access our range of services are provided the opportunity to look to their own inner resources and to the community they are part of in order to reach the fullness of their potential.
We invite you to explore our website, to familiarize yourself with our services.  Whether you are seeking counselling, professional or personal development, or giving back in a volunteer capacity, we hope you will connect with NFLA as a place to grow.

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If you are a BC Public Service Employee you can sign up for regular electron payroll deductions through the Provincial Employees Community Services Fund