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Nanaimo Family Life Association develops and maintains a variety of holistic programming to serve the needs of those living in and around Nanaimo throughout all stages of life. Our services are designed to help individuals and families respond to personal challenges and external challenges in a way that fosters healthy relationships and healthy communities.

We have been home to many of our Community’s leaders, a starting point and training resource for their successful careers, and have fostered a strong alumni. We continue to offer training opportunities for both the professional and lay person who seeks to enhance their skills and make positive personal and professional connections with others.

At NFLA our greatest asset is our people; volunteers, staff and board members all committed to the same ideal and that is:

Healthy individual and family relationships are the heart of a strong and resilient community.


NFLA is a passionate, dynamic, and inclusive community orientated organization that delivers interconnected personal and professional growth services responsive to the needs of the community at all stages of life.


  • NFLA is a radically passionate organization that delivers creative and innovative opportunities to community, families and individuals through intra-connective activities, training, counselling and personal/professional development.
  • We are open-minded, accepting, inclusive, affordable and accessible, resilient and accountable.
  • We believe in innovation, visionary leadership, and we thrive in a dynamic, passionate, caring, community-based setting.
  • We are a safe place.

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