Mission and Tree of Life

Healthy individual and family relationships are the heart of a strong and resilient community.


The “Tree of Life” has been represented in various cultures, religions, mythologies and philosophies throughout the ages.  It is a common symbol of the connectedness of all life on earth.At NFLA we believe this connection is essential to our survival as a human family and our evolution toward a more kind and open society.  Our “Tree of Life” represents our connection to all of our relations and to our ancestors (roots) and our descendants (branches). The many colours of our Tree represent the diversity within our human family; diversity that accepts all people, all forms of love and all expressions of self as tremendous contributions to the whole of our community.


To provide support to families to achieve their full potential through all stages of life

To promote healthy family life as the heart of a strong and resilient community

To protect and promote the rights of children, parents, caregivers, and families

To model diversity, inclusion, respect, cooperation, compassion, and peace in all our activities and relationships.


NFLA is a passionate, inclusive, community-driven organization that delivers interconnected personal and professional growth services responsive to the needs of the community at all stages of life.


Values that will guide NFLA board, staff and volunteers in all thinking, decisions and actions have been developed:

Autonomous, Creative and Innovative. We courageously respond to community needs.

Person centred. We are open-minded, accepting and curious as each person masters their own life, health and experience.

Knowledgeable, Educated and informed Practices. We honour knowledge, education and life experience.

Respectful. We understand, accept and support each other with all our humanness.

Service. We create and develop an organization that does what needs to be done including advocacy and social justice.

Accountable and Committed.  We serve the community with openness and transparency.

Thoughtful, Collaborative and Inclusive. We are committed to the ever-evolving nature of diversity.

Fiscally prudent. We apply money as a tool to achieve our vision.