Better at Home Ladysmith

If you are living in the catchment area of Ladysmith, which includes Yellowpoint, Cedar, Extention Road towards the Airport and Saltair, our services may be right for you! NFLA Better at Home Program is a Provincially Funded program managed by the United Way and hosted by Nanaimo Family Life Association. In order to qualify for services a personal visit in your home from our Program Coordinator is required. These subsidized services are based on your recent tax return. We work hard to support these areas using contractors and volunteers who live in the region. We offer similar services to those found in the city of Nanaimo!

  • Light Housework – simple tasks to help make life a little easier for older adults including vacuuming, basic tidying and bathrooms. Our contractors work with our clients to assist in areas that need basic upkeep. We do not do windows, laundry or heavy cleaning, but assist our clients in areas they find challenging.
  • Shopping – within the city limits of Ladysmith, or to the nearest shopping areas in Cedar, Yellowpoint and Extention Road.
  • Transportation – Ladysmith transport is only available within the city limits of Ladysmith. For more information about routes to Nanaimo from Ladysmith, please contact the Ladysmith Resource Center for more information about their medical services transportation services.
  • Other – For all other services, please contact the Program Coordinator for availablity.

The services in Ladysmith are limited. We look forward to adding to our basket of services as soon as possible. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know! We would love to support our elders in this region further and look forward to the opportunity for growing our program in this region.

Covid-19 Hours and Response

Our current hours of operation are Monday to Thursday, 9:00--4:00 pm.

We are open to the public on a limited basis. Only 2 people may be in the waiting room at a time. If full, please wait outside or in your car.

If you have any cold, influenza, or Covid-19 symptoms, you will not be permitted into the building.

We continue to practice social distancing. Please maintain 2 metres distance. Face masks are mandatory.

Our counselling program continues to operate, offering sessions over the phone, online, and in person. Walk-in counselling is unavailable at this time. If you are in need of counselling support, please call us at (250) 754-3331 or email Mia at

If you are an older adult, aged 65+, looking for support at this time, please visit Safe Seniors, Strong Communities website.

Safe Seniors, Strong Communities Website