Beyond Blame

A life-changing group that supports men to move beyond abusive behaviours and to build healthy relationships.

This is a 30 hour program for men who want to stop being abusive and learn ways to build relationships based on equality and mutual respect.

You may want to consider participating if you are a man who:

  • Is at risk or has a history of abusing others
  • Wants to address power and abuse issues in relationships


The goals of the program are:

  • to help men establish relationships based upon safety, equality and respect rather than violence and abuse,
  • prioritizing the safety of the victim of abuse,
  • and to assist men in taking responsibility for stopping their abusive behaviours and for building the relationships they prefer with their partners, children and other men.

From a past participant:

“I have learned that I wasn’t alone in this, others had trouble and we have helped each other get through what was needed to be done. In the Program we expressed feelings, let go of some past bad behaviors, and had points of view shared from the other side of situations.  Glad to meet new people and start a new better beginning.”

Call 250.754.3331 for more information.