Gender Journeys for Adults

Gender Journeys and Transcend Nanaimo are in session

A peer support group for transgender, non-binary, two-spirit & gender diverse Adults in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Our adult support group offers a supportive space where members can process their thoughts and emotions. The group also aims to help members cope with the physical, social and emotional impacts of living as a gender diverse person. It is a safe meeting place for all trans, gender diverse, nonbinary, and gender questioning people who have undergone – or who are interested in – social transition and gender-affirming medical care.

The group is collectively run by participants and supported by a facilitator. Every week, we discuss whatever topics are relevant to members on that day. Discussion topics can include:

– sharing the challenges of “coming out”
– talking through struggled with work, family, friends, etc.
– asking and answering questions regarding transition processes
– examining experiences of transphobia
– identifying strategies for maintaining safety
– discussing current events and news related to gender
– developing a gender-affirming support system


How To Join |

Please note: Both youth and adult groups are now closed groups for everyone’s safety.

We do not accept drop-in participants,  if you would like to participate please fill out the form below:

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Contact Gender Journeys

For more information,  please contact:
(250) 754-3331 ext. 710