EngAGE with Seniors Connect

The Nanaimo Family Life Association is a proud community partner in the Seniors Connect Project that focuses on the reduction of seniors social isolation.

The EngAGE program is an active, healthy aging  program targeted to adults 55+ who are experiencing social isolation due in part to physical and/or mental health issues, situational living changes, and barriers to inclusion.

Active aging improves through:

  • Participation in social activities that foster engagement with others.
  • Understanding social isolation and the associated risk factors.
  • Creating a Personal Wellness Action Plan
  • Attending Health & Wellness workshops
  • Developing one’s leadership capacity
  • Getting support when we need it
  • Having a commitment to community

EngAGE through Social, Health, Wellness, Creative & Artistic Programming

NFLA’s programming focuses on personal development for individuals.  Along with our community partners, we will offer and facilitate programs and workshops specifically targeted to reduce social isolation including Healthy Life Skills & Personal Wellness Workshops, Elder Abuse Awareness Programs, Seniors Wellness Support Group and It’s Not Right Training.

Working in partnership with other organizations in the community, we offer programs on Financial Abuse Awareness, Advanced Care Planning and other issues that are identified as being important to older adults. EngAGE also offers artistic, exercise and healthy eating programs at the Seniors Connect Centre on an on-going basis.  Check out the Seniors Connect Centre Events Calendar for programs being offered by all Seniors Connect community partners. (Please note, when clicking on the Seniors Connect Centre link or Events Calendar link, you are being taken to a different website: www.nanaimoseniorsconnect.ca)

We invite you to contact us if you have a program or workshop that would be of benefit to Nanaimo seniors in reducing social isolation. Contact Jane Vinet at 250-754-3331 x 203.

EngAGE Outreach Program

THe EngAGE Outreach program focuses on outreach services to individuals 55 years of age and over as well as their families, to ensure more seniors in our community are:

  • Aware of,  and able to access services that successfully meet their financial, informational, home support, medical and psycho-social needs;
  • Participating in educational, supportive and preventative programs;
  • Experiencing decreased isolation;
  • Giving referrals and providing information on community services; and
  • Providing community education about the negative impact of ageism.

If you believe you or someone you know is at risk, contact our Outreach Support Worker , who can come to your home to work with you to reduce the impact of social isolation. We can also schedule meetings to take place at the Nanaimo Family Life Association and in other locations in the community. To schedule an appointment, call 250-754-3331 (513).

EngAGE Volunteer Program

One of the objectives of the Seniors Connect project is to create meaningful opportunities for older adults to participate in the project on numerous levels. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to donate time and support to initiatives that will reduce social isolation:

  • Engage with Seniors Connect Centre Program/Workshop Facilitators – have a special skill or talent to share with others in the community. We are looking for individuals who are willing to share expertise and skill with others in our community through our volunteer program.
  • EngAGE with Seniors Connect Advisory Committee Members – NFLA has a core group of advisors who act as counsel to NFLA initiatives to ensure the programs we are offering are supporting the objectives of the Seniors Connect program.
  • EngAGE Writers/ Bloggers/ Social Media to help us spread the word about important issues and programs for older adults in Nanaimo.
  • EngAGE with A-OK – we are looking for volunteers to take part in the Act Of Kindness Program aimed at solving “one off” issues for seniors who are looking for support in areas that are not currently funded or supported by agencies in Nanaimo. This project can be a one time effort or on-call – it’s up to you! In addition we are looking to support socially isolated seniors who are in there own homes, by providing transportation to and from Seniors Connect programs and functions as well as friendly visiting.

EngAGE with Seniors Connect will offer training and support for those who wish to take part in any of our volunteer programs. Please note, a valid criminal record check is required to work with vulnerable older adults.

Building Collective Impact as the Seniors Connect Backbone Agency

Through engagement with senior service agencies and initiatives, the Nanaimo Family Life Association along with the other Seniors Connect partners will be engaging with the entire community to share information on seniors social isolation, to identify areas where we can support one another and encourage collaboration between organizations and individuals to reach the goals of the project.

If you are a senior serving organization and would like us to talk to you about the Seniors Connect program and other senior services provided by Nanaimo Family Life Association, we ask you to call Jane Vinet at 250-754-3331 x203 or email us.

To learn more about Seniors Connect visit the website at www.nanaimoseniorsconnect.ca or check us out on Facebook.

Covid-19 Hours and Response

Our current hours of operation are Monday to Thursday, 9:00--4:00 pm.

We are open to the public on a limited basis. Only 2 people may be in the waiting room at a time. If full, please wait outside or in your car.

If you have any cold, influenza, or Covid-19 symptoms, you will not be permitted into the building.

We continue to practice social distancing. Please maintain 2 metres distance. Face masks are mandatory.

Our counselling program continues to operate, offering sessions over the phone, online, and in person. Walk-in counselling is unavailable at this time. If you are in need of counselling support, please call us at (250) 754-3331 or email Mia at m_maarika@nflabc.org

If you are an older adult, aged 65+, looking for support at this time, please visit Safe Seniors, Strong Communities website.

Safe Seniors, Strong Communities Website