Seniors Housing Information & Navigation Ease Program (S.H.I.N.E.)

The Nanaimo Family Life Association provides information on housing options for seniors (60+). We are not a housing provider nor are we able to provide housing placements; however, our Seniors Housing Navigator can provide information that will help Nanaimo seniors find and maintain safe and appropriate housing. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advising on tenancy rights and the Residential Tenancy Act of B.C.
  • Supporting local seniors in their interactions with rental organizations and aiding, when possible, in navigating program applications and registration.
  • Advice and advocacy on possible problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies to help empower local seniors to be self-advocates.
  • Providing mediation and problem-solving services to help resolve disputes/disagreements.
  • Participating in community-based meetings for the purpose of working collaboratively on behalf of seniors.

Read our press release here: Press Release SHINE

Questions can be directed to:

Carol Pelletier

Program Coordinator – Seniors Housing Navigator
Phone: (250) 754-3331 EXT. 205

Maria Cerna

Program Assistant – Seniors Housing Navigator 
Phone: (250) 754-3331 EXT. 212