Right Neighbourly Walking Program


The Right Neighbourly Walking Program (RNWP) is a free program designed to help older adults who are living in their own homes to participate in a community-based walking program that can keep you fit for life. The program focuses on those who are new (or new again) to physical activity or for those who may be looking for physical or moral support to get out and enjoy physical and social activites in your own community and reducing the need for access to transportation.

Participant Benefits:

  • Enjoy a safe initiation to urban pole walking (all equipment is supplied).
  • Learn about programs and activities taking place within 5kms of our neighbourhood.
  • Make new friends and start your own neighbourhood walking program.
  • Learn about other ways to take a positive approach to aging actively.

About the Walking Portion:

Tools: RNWP is a six-week program teaching folks to use urban walking poles  Why use walking poles? Because it is proven that walking poles increase your overall cardiovascular activity by 50%, and because we use our upper and lower body. From Week 1 where walks begin at 15 to 20 minutes to Week 6 where walks will take us up to 45 minutes, we will increase our distance and endurance collectively as a group. With the support of trained professionals and volunteers, you will be actively supported throughout your walk. We also supply visibility vests to be used during the program for high visibility and safety of all of our participants.  What you need to provide are good walking shoes (close toed) a water bottle and weather appropriate clothing.

Inclement Weather: The RNWP goes in all kinds of weather, but if rain or ice causes make the conditions to hazordous, we will provide a stationary workout indoors using the urban walking poles.

Balance: If you are recovering from surgery or you have mobility issues, the urban walking poles provide extra stability which assists with fall preventation. All participants must use walking poles, and we can’t include those using walkers or wheelchairs. Urban walking poles improve posture and are safer because since we are completely upright, we are looking ahead, rather than at the ground.

Fun: Using walking poles can help you expand your range of where and how you walk, as the pole tips are interchangeable and can be modified for walking on pavement, gravel paths, sand and even snow!

Social Activity: Each week, following our walk we will enjoy light refreshments and take part in a social half-hour where our trained volunteers and outreach support team will help you learn about interesting and fun activities in your own neighbourhood.

Sustainability: Each program is designed to become a stand-alone program with people in your own neighbourhood, so that after the six weeks you will have made new friends in your own community to enjoy walking with. We will provide you with the tools, support and expertise to get your walking group started and launch you on your way to keeping it going post program, and offering opportunities to continue recruitment and engagement with the  support of the “Mother Ship”.

Volunteer: Once you have completed the six-week training program we encourage you to pay it forward by joining us as either a Peer-to-Peer Walking Companion or as a RNWP Trainer.

Peer-to-peer Walking Companions assist us in getting programs started in new neighbourhoods by walking and talking with other new participants. As all levels of ability are supported, whether your walking is at a level one or level five, you will have someone to support and allow you to improve your own fitness level at the same time.

RNWP Trainers will be given training by a certified walking instructor who will provide you with instruction and support to ensure that your programs continue. The RNWP Program support team will provide you with materials, and handouts and information on activities in your neighbourhood within a 5km radius including good walking venues, places to go.

New classes are starting up in June and July. If you would like to volunteer or register to be a first time participant in the program call 250-591-2924.

Funding and support  for The Right Neighbourly Walking Program is provided by: